Issue 5

Issue 5 cover


POINT OF VIEW – Fine scale modelling.

STOCKINBINGAL – Stockinbingal is a small town in south-west NSW.  The Wagga Wagga Model Railroaders describe their successful exhibition layout which is modelled on this interesting station.

CONSTUCTING A NSW STYLE YARD LIGHT – Most photographs of NSW loco depots and marshalling yards in steam days have yard lights visible in the background.  In fact, if they weren’t there something wouldn’t look right.  Known officially as the Standard Railway Yard Light, or in railway parlance as swan-neck or gooseneck lights, they were found all over the system.  A simple modelling project, Bob Stack describes how to build them.

TUFTS OF GRASS – Kim Armstrong describes a novel way of making grass tussocks.

COUPLER MOUNT HEIGHT GAUGE – Howard Armstrong describes the jig he made to ensure that Kadee couplers are mounted at the right height.  It also determines the amount of adjustment required if the height is not correct.

HIGHLIGHTING FLUX – The highlighting pen has emerged as an essential piece of office equipment in recent years.  Phil Kelly adapts one of these to apply soldering flux, making it an essential part of his soldering kit.

REPLACING 48 CLASS SIDEFRAMES – Jim Harolsen shows how the appearance of the Powerline 48/830 class locomotive can be enhanced by the addition of replacement sideframes from Krystall Castings.

CONSTRUCING BUILDINGS IN TIMBER – Kim Armstrong discusses the basic techniques for modelling with timber.  These are applied to the construction of a simple timber building, the QR goods shed at Gin Gin.  The methods he uses are applicable to most timber structures.

WATER TANKS OF THE NSWGR – Water was an essential requirement for the operation of steam locomotives and watering facilities could be found all over the state.  Graeme Henderson and Phil Kelly describe the features of the common types of water tower used by the NSW railways.

PAINTING AND WEATHERING WAGON LOADS – Sydney Hobbies produce a range of authentic loads for 4 wheel wagons.  Geoff Kemmis shows how to paint these loads, using washes of dilute paint and dry brushing to make them look real.

SCALE WINDOWS – Keiran Ryan describes how he scatchbuilds windows from styrene.